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Graphic Design for the Win

Having graphic design skills is a win - and in more ways than just helping your career at work. Find out the different way you can use your graphic design skills in personal life, or as a side hustle.

  1. Help a non-profit.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that local matters. We spent more time in our own homes, and exploring our communities in those 12 months than we ever have before. So where does graphic design come in? Contact your local Chamber and find out who needs help with the skills you have. Join a few non-profits in your town and you will quickly see where they need a brochure for an upcoming fundraiser, or a new logo to put on a banner (and btw, can you just make that banner?).

2. Make your life easier.

You have the skills to create beautiful and useful things in your home. So what are you waiting for? When I couldn't find a suitable chore chart for my five year old (am I the only mother making her five-year old put on cleaning gloves?) I made one! And since it's been in my home, I've had about 3 friends request chore charts for their littles. Easy, organized, and super adorable, just like everything us graphic designers make. And yes, our cat is named Budge.

3. Hustle it.

They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Well, I'm not there yet, but I super do love my 9-5. More over I think I love the people there. But when my work isn't cutting it for me, I turn to what I do enjoy and turning that into a few bucks on the side. Introducing my new website Grey House Marketing & Design - created as a place I can keep all my various side hustle gigs. From wedding invites, to baby announcements to chore charts for kids (see above), all of these have helped bring in a bit of spending money to the Hoodj house, and I for one, LOVE IT. And get to flex my graphic design muscle while people OOOhhh and AAAhhh at what they can't do.

The bottom line is - if you do graphic design, you have a HUGE LEG UP on all the others who are still trying to put together a bake sale flyer in Word. Lend out your skills, either as a favor or for a little side money. But watch yourself be proud when you walk by the town square and see your banner flapping in the wind (wait a minute, did we forget to order grommets on that banner?!).

Until next time!

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